Working with differently abled people

Education and job opportunity

Partnering with special education school

“In America, one in four people live with some type of disability. My daughter is one of them. What happens to these children when they grow up? only 20 % of them are employed. What happens to the rest of 80%? As a parent we want to give our children the sun, the moon, the stars, but more importantly, I want to give her the ability and the support to reach for it. I have spent a good amount of time studying and teaching each student, and gained some experience in that area. All the student I have encountered, they are just differently abled from us. If we can design a symbiotic relationship of abled and differently abled people, we can build up to an inclusive food operation community.

Our sustainable model is taking care of profit, our people, and the planet, and I believe that this creates possibilities for our apprentices /community/next generation.”

- Yuri Hatta

NPO - My Happy Tummy Foundation, Inc.

My Happy Tummy Foundation, Not-For- Profit, serves educational service learning program for special need individuals. Help us build a bigger stronger program!